Readers of the various, great Substacks on Covid-19, and hopefully of Robert F Kennedy Jr.’s magnum opus, The Real Anthony Fauci, plus other great writers (most of them acknowledged in Kennedy’s book), you all must wonder, what should be done. For inspiration background, what got…
By the third Quarter 2021, 143% of normally all-cause reported deaths happened, and 189% of normally all-caused reported deaths for ages 0-44, and 183…
Background Last updated: 3/24/2022 10:17 pm PST I wrote "Privatizing Welfare By Funding It With a Double-Value Tax Deduction", which was published in…
Steve Kirsch has a great Substack on Covid-19. His November 27, 2021, paper on “The right way to handle the pandemic” is a great read. As usual, it is…
Today's feature topic is to read Toby Rogers' Substack today, particularly, his Thinking Points Memo section on "Sin". Although this Substack is focused…
Is a Convention of the States a Helpful Option?
A Substack Ezine focused on a humane and sane post pandemic society. Good writers solicited.
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